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Industrial Noise/Building Services Noise

Dynamic Response understands that the relationship of noise between industry and surrounding communities is very important. Both internal and external noise generating noise sources must be considered in order to minimise any noise related complaints which could result in a ‘Statutory Noise Nuisance’ case investigated by the Local Authority.

British Standard 4142 or BS 4142:1997 ‘Method for rating industrial noise affecting mixed residential and industrial areas’, now replaced by BS 4142:2014, was one of the most commonly used standards for assessing industrial noise and was used to assess if generated noise from industrial and commercial noise sources was considered acceptable in terms of complaints. BS 4142:1997 provided a methodology which compared the generated noise against the existing background noise LA90 in order to determine the likelihood of complaints.

British Standard 4142:1997 stated that if the rated noise level exceeded the LA90 background noise level by 10 dB or more, then complaints would be likely. An excess of 5 dB over the background noise level is viewed as being ‘of marginal significance’, and a noise rating level of 10 dB below the background noise is a positive indication that complaints will be unlikely.

Although replaced by BS 4142:2014, some Local Authorities may still request a noise impact assessment in line with the requirements of BS4142:1997, and similarly, a former planning consent may require a compliance survey and/or assessment in accordance with the superseded standard.

Similarly to British Standard 4142:1997, British Standard 4142:2014 'Methods for rating and assessing industrial and commercial sound' (BS4142:2014), also provides a methodology which compares the generated noise against the existing background noise LA90 in order to determine the likelihood of complaints, although the rating method and various correction parameters have now changed. Where BS4142:1997 used a +10 to -10 dB assessment, BS4142:2014 now uses a 0 to +10 dB scale. In addition, the new standard provides methods of determining tonality etc, rather than a simple subjective assessment, with another key change being how the rating level is assessed in terms of 'adverse affect'.

British Standard 4142:2014 states that if the rated noise level exceeds the LA90 background noise level by around +10 dB or more, then it is likely that the resultant noise may have a significant adverse impact, a difference of around +5 dB over the background noise level is likely to have an adverse impact, and where the rating level does not exceed the background noise level, it is an indication that the resultant noise is likely to have a low adverse impact.

If a new industrial development is proposed, the existing operating hours of industrial/commercial premises are changed or extended, or new external plant equipment is installed etc, planning permission may be required.

We can complete a noise survey and assessment in accordance with the relevant standards such as BS4142: 1997, ‘Method for rating industrial noise affecting mixed residential and industrial areas’, BS4142:2014 'Methods for rating and assessing industrial and commercial sound', Minerals Policy Statement 2 (MPS2) ‘Controlling and mitigating the environmental effects of minerals extraction in England’ and more. If for some reason the result of our noise survey and assessment indicates that there is or would be a problem regarding noise, we would aim to provide noise mitigation advice to demonstrate to any Local Authority that the development should not cause any noise nuisance following the implementation of mitigation measures.

Some examples of fixed plant industrial noise assessments include:

• Air Conditioning Units, Air Handling Units (AHU) Or External Heat Pumps
• Water Coolers, Heat Recovery Or Chiller Units
• Air Compressors, Generators Or Processing Plant
• Anaerobic Digestion Plants Or New Energy Generating Sources
• HGV Movements, Loading/Un-loading Or Deliveries

• External Storage Silo’s With Associated Pumps And
• Ventilation And Extraction Systems Etc.

In addition to the above it must not be forgotten that industrial noise can also cause noise nuisance due to noise break-out from the existing building envelope as well as externally mounted equipment. In these cases it is vital to determine the internally generated noise levels within an area and hence control the noise break-out based on detailed calculations to include the correctly specified building elements such as any external walls, ceiling/roof constructions, access doors and any glazing etc.

Some examples of noise break-out assessments include:

• Joinery Shops
• Food And Drink Manufacturers
• Engineering, Fabrication Or Manufacturing Premises

• Automotive Garages, Accident Repair Or Performance Car Tuning
• Product Manufacturing Premises
• Restaurants, Night-clubs, Fitness Centres Or Leisure Premises
• Scrap Yards Or Recycling Premises
• And Various Others Not Seen Above

Rest assured, any work undertaken is carried out using modern, fully calibrated instrumentation, working to the correct standards with relevant documentation produced showing the results and any advice or mitigation measures required.

We aim to carry out all types of industrial and occupational noise assessments from noise at work assessments to new industrial developments. Whatever your requirements are relating to industrial noise, please do not hesitate to contact us.

HGV Noise Assessment(s) BS4142:2014

Outdoor Processes And Equipment Noise Assessment(s) BS4142:2014

Air Conditioning Noise Assessment(s) BS4142:2014

Noise Break-Out Assessment(s) BS4142:2014

Temporary Fixed Plant Equipment Noise Assessment(s) BS4142:2014

Ventilation And Extraction System Noise Assessment(s) BS4142:2014

Rolling Road Car Tuning Noise Assessment(s) BS4142:2014

Internal Noise Survey And Assessment (s) BS4142:2014

Please use the links provided to navigate around the site. If the links do not address the question or concern you may have, please contact us directly as we aim to help with any noise problem.

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